Interested in a career in construction?  

The construction industry is an important and growing sector of our economy and offers many rewarding career opportunities. There are many different paths that lead to a career in construction:

  • Become an Apprentice and learn a Trade
  • Pursue Post-Secondary Education – the options are endless
  • Learn on the job – gain some experience
Want to knore more?

Follow this link to explore the many career opportunities offered by the construction industry and how to get there.

Click here for the latest video from CAREERS IN CONSTRUCTION  about the growing demand across Canada and around the world for skilled tradespeople. 

Visit the Calgary Construction Association's careers in construction website, designed for the youth, to learn more about construction trades, apprenticeship, and potential earnings.

Skills Canada also has useful information about pursuing a career in the skilled trades and technology, in the construction industry and beyond.


Make an informed decision

Follow this link for the NWT Jobs in Demand Handbook. This handbook highlights job opportunities in the NWT over the next 15 years, as well as other labour market information to help you choose the right career.

Follow this link for In Demand Career Opportunities in Nunavut, as well as other resources, to help you make an informed decision.