Cost-share hiring an Undergraduate Student

Are you hiring an undergraduate student?  Your business may be eligible for government funding through the Experience Awards Program.



Businesses across the three territories may apply for funding to hire undergraduate students registered in a natural sciences or engineering bachelor's degree program. Students must be hired for a twelve (12) to sixteen (16) week period and be involved in a project which seeks to improve a product, process or service. This may include applied research, basic research, experimental development, or support work (in engineering, design, operations, research, mathematical analysis, computer programming, data collection, and/or testing). 

Your business may be reimbursed for up to $12,500: $4,500 from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and $8,000 from the National Research Council - Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP). Your business is required to make a contribution to the student's salary (up to $1,125); more information can be found here.

These Experience Awards are intended to assist companies in hiring undergraduate students and undergraduate students, in turn, gain valuable, paid work experience in the private sector.


NSERC Experience Awards program

To be eligible for this program, students and companies must first apply through NSERC for an Experience Award:

Visit NSERC's website for more information about their program.  Apply online using NSERC's Application System.  Click here for a brief how-to apply online tip sheet.

NSERC recently (August 2017) announced changes to the Experience Award eligibility to support Co-op placements:

  1. Students enrolled in a co-op program may submit two (2) consecutive applications in a fiscal year in order to hold two (2) consecutive awards for a total of 24 to 32 weeks.
  2. Host organizations must have a minimum of two full-time employees to be eligible.

Please contact Tricia, NSERC, e-mail or 204.984.6301, to learn more about this program and how to apply.


NRC-IRAP Top-up Awards program

Once approved by NSERC, the NNCA will administer the IRAP funding which will require monthly reporting. This reporting will include a brief description of the student's activities (bullet point description in an email to the NNCA will suffice) plus a copy of the studen'ts relevant pay stub and timesheet. We will provide a timesheet and claim template for reporting purposes.

Please note that we have allocated all of the Top-Up Award monies for the 2017/2018 government fiscal year.

Feel free to contact Louise, NNCA, e-mail or 867.873.3949, for more information.