2017 Construction Trade Fair & Project Management Conference

Connect with other Construction Professionals

The NNCA Construction Trade Fair was held on November 21 & 22 during the GNWT's Project Management Conference. The events were well-attended and created an excellent opportunity for connecting with other construction professionals, promoting our exhibitor's products and services, and learning from the many presenters on subjects ranging from project planning to climate change and its impact on infrastructure. 


Meet our Exhibitors

Arctic Energy Alliance

Workers' Safety & Compensation Commission

Rowe's Group of Companies

AFA Forest Products Inc.

Avid Insurance Group

Fire Prevention Services 2016 Ltd.

Novus Environmental Inc.

Procurement Shared Services, GNWT


Click here for the conference program for more information; a link to the GNWT webpage hosting the conference presentations will be added once it has been created.


Thank you to our exhibitors and everyone who attended, making this yet another successful event.